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Tarragon, Dragoncello (Estragon)

Tarragon, Dragoncello (Estragon) a perennial upright plant with woody stem and intense green leaves which have a pleasant aniseed taste. Heightens flavors of other herbs Tarragon is one of the more useful culinary herbs; it heightens flavors of other herbs. It goes especially well with tomatoes. Grows about 3 feet high. Start seeds in early spring inside and plant out in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Does better with poor soil. This seed tastes more like the more common Russian tarragon. Still very good. If you are seeking true French tarragon, it is never grown from seed, only cuttings. The harvested leaves can be used to season salad, sauces, fish and vinegar.   Dry in small batches covered with paper bags to collect the leaves as they fall.

  Artemisia dracunculus L.

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