About Us

John and Eda Muller

We both come from generations of farming families who have been in agriculture for over 150 years. We farm in Half Moon Bay, California, where we grow for farmers' markets, local restaurants, wholesale produce markets, and corner grocery stores  We have been the West Coast Distributors of Franchi Seeds for over twenty years now.  We happened upon Franchi Seeds while looking for different Pumpkin seeds for our farm in Half Moon Bay.  At one time we grew over 80 different varieties of pumpkins and gourds, including Atlantic Giant Pumpkins.  We found the tonda padana, Zucchetta Ornamentale a Fungo (our favorite), Pumpkin, Zucca Tonda Padana and many more.  After our order we talked with the Franchi family and began importing and selling Franchi Seeds to compliment our farm and introduce more people to seeds that grow food that tastes good!  For twenty years we did several Garden Shows and Festa Italiana's and now we have been bringing them to those old friends, and you our new friends. 

We only use Franchi Seeds because the germination rate is so high and the plants produce excellent tasting vegetables that are healthy and non-GMO. That should speak for itself! These heirloom seeds will grow vegetables you'll remember fondly from your youth. We don't know how many times our customers have said, "I remember my Nonna used to cook this chicory" or "I'm so glad you carry this variety of zucchini my Grandfather used to grow this in his garden."

These are the seeds World Famous "Farmer John" of Half Moon Bay, California grows, and now you can too!  From the Franchi Family to Our Family to Your Family, "May Your Garden Bring You Joy!"  Stay Well and Enjoy Life........