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Pepper, Peperone Friggitello AVAILABLE NOW!

Italian Heirloom Pepper "Friggitello". Early. This famous variety from Naples produces medium sized, 5" long and 1" wide sweet light green frying peppers.  They are a brilliant cherry red when mature. It has a thick sweet flesh and is highly prized. The peppers are great grilled or peel the skin and fry whole. Fry these green sweet, flavorful peppers (whole or chopped) in olive oil with garlic and salt; add cut up tomatoes and then fresh basil and parmesan cheese.  Friggitello's are probably the most well known by Italians. It grows a fairly vigorous bushy plant.  Prefers full sun and its heavy foliage prevents sunburn.

"Frying Pepper. A 5" long frying pepper from Naples. Brilliant cherry red when ripe. Peel skin to fry. Very productive, mid-season pepper. Prefers full sun, but heavy foliage prevents sunscald.  Please be aware that these seeds have good germination rates, but they tend to take much longer to germinate than some similar pepper seeds.

1.5 gram packet, approximately 225 seeds.  Approximately 150-200 seeds per gram.


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