Pepper, Peperoncino Stromboli UNAVAILABLE 2022

Pepper, Peperoncino Stromboli. Early, hot variety. Stromboli Pepper. Named for the famous island volcano. A hot chili pepper variety producing bunches of small, upward pointing green fruit that eventually turn orange. Compact plant producing bunches of conical dark green fruits, turning orange when ripe. Can also be grown in containers.  apprx. 40-60 seeds.


Pepper, Peperoncino Habanero Chocolate UNAVAILABLE 2022

Pepper, Peperoncino Habanero Chocolate. When you see this deep chocolate colored habanero you will be tempted to just start stuffing them in your mouth, but beware! This pepper packs a punch!  Really.  This is for those pepper lovers that like it HOT! Peppers are 1.5-2" long and the plant itself grows to 3-4' in height.



Peppers, Habanero Rosso, Red Habanero UNAVAILABLE 2022

Habanero Red Pepper. Our hottest of all peppers, but much more palatable than the ghost chili pepper. A high quality and generally about 4 times hotter than a Cayenne! Late variety. This plant produce lantern shaped fruits with conical tip. Fruit dimensions vary from 4-8cm in lenght and 2-5cm in width. During the maturity the colour will change from green to bright red and they will become sweeter.



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