Fresh from the Farm

Let's Get Planting!

It's time to plant some vegetables! The sun is out and perfect for germinating seeds. Be sure to mix in some compost before planting.  I use chicken manure, smells terrible for a day or two, but it works really well.  Here's a list of seeds to plant directly into garden beds:

  • Arugula - to keep harvesting fresh arugula throughout the year, plant a thimble full every day.  
  • Beets -  All Varieties 
  • Carrots - Pariser Market 4 are perfect for early spring planting.  They are super cute and round!
  • Chard - Rhubarb Chard, and Verde Da Taglio for early spring planting
  • Chicory - Catalogna Pugliese good sized early variety,
  • Lettuce - Regina Di Maggio is an early butter lettuce, Americana Bruna is an early open head variety.  Plant a thimble full every day to insure you always have fresh lettuce to harvest.
  • Onions - Barletta is a very early variety.  This small white onion is 1" across and ideal for pickling.
  • Pea - Picollo Provenzale or Progress No. 9 are both early varieties.
  • Sugar Pea - Gigante Svizzero are a pole sugar pea.
  • Radishes - Cherry Belle is a beauty !!! And the Flamboyant breakfast radish is superb.
  • Spinach - Baby Leaf Spinach and Early 7 Ibrido are perfect for early spring planting.

Look for upcoming planting tips for your herb and flower gardens!

Happy Planting

~ Marilyn ~