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Carrot, Carota Pariser Market 4

Carrot, Carota Pariser Market 4 Early. Small, round French carrot well suited to growing in clay-rich soils and containers.  Produces round carrots with short roots.  Tender and crunchy.  These novel looking round carrots are ideal for container growing and planting in difficult heavy clay or stony soils where long carrots do not preform well. The sweet orange flesh deepens in colour with maturity.

aris Market carrot seeds replace Thumbelina. These small, orange, nearly spherical carrots about the width of a dollar coin. Paris Market are easy to grow, even in fairly heavy soils. This little gem is sometimes listed as Parisian Market. They are uniform and perfect for the home garden, patio containers, or market table. They might be mistaken for radishes except for the orangey red colour of the skins and flesh. We recommend planting a row with a summertime gourmet meal in mind. Take the time to peel the odd little carrots and serve them as a side dish to impress your foodie friends  

55-60 days from planting. Sow in rows and thin to 3" apart.   8g about 5,000 seeds.  

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