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Zucchini, Zucchino Genovese

Zucchini, Zucchino Genovese  Summer Squash Early  Vigorous productive variety. Light green skin without ribbing.  Excellent flavor. Lovely blossoms for cooking.  Blossom 45-55 days.  Squash 55-60 days

It is an excellent selection of the well-known early Genoese courgette (45 days from transplanting) whose fruit is cylindrical in shape  The color of the peel is very light green and the taste is very sweet.
Excellent fruit and flower production.

A lovely variety of zucchini from Italy. Fruit is light green with no ribbing and tends to bulb out a bit on the end. As with most Italian varieties, there is some variation in fruit appearance but the flavor is consistently delicious. We especially love the fact that the flavor and texture remain tender and delicious well beyond the “baby” stage, so you can miss picking for a few days and still have tasty zukes for the kitchen. Plants have a fairly large, open bush habit which makes for easy picking. Possibly the most productive summer squash we offer. Skin is fairly thin (no need to peel!) and can blemish easily.

8 gram packet; approximately 45-50 seeds. Approximately 2-10 seeds per gram

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