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Zucchini, Alberello Di Sarzana, Summer Squash

Zucchini, Alberello Di Sarzana,  Summer Squash - Summer Squash Early  Known as the 'Little Tree of Sarzano' as it has a short bush growth habit and is a good producer over a long season. This wonderful zucchini produces light green fruit with white speckles.  Its compact short bushy habit makes it ideal for smaller gardens and for greenhouses and open fields. Old leaves affected by powdery mildew must be removed periodically. Naturally resistant to viruses. The plants are vigorous, healthy, and productive. They have an interesting shape, slightly ridged and not quite straight. The flavor is very fine, and they can get large (quickly) but remain tender and tasty.  Highly acclaimed frying zucchini, with the added bonus of strong blossom production for fried blossoms. Naturally has a moderate resistance to powdery mildew. Great for smaller gardens  Delicate flavor.  Many blossoms for cooking.  Blossoms are five or so inches and hold up well.  50-55 days 

Curiosity:  Originally from South America, the courgette reached Europe at the Tyrrhenian Coast in the 16th century. Its flowers were considered sacred to the Andean peoples.
Zucchini must be picked when they are still immature with a white and compact pulp. Rich in water

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