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Turnip Tonda A Colletto Viola

Turnip Tonda A Colletto Viola is a mid early variety. *Heritage Variety*  This is a Mid-early variety, leafy and well developed. The turnip produced are round and of good dimentions. This is a purple headed variety with white base and white consistant flesh.  It's leafy, well developed, round good dimensions, purple shaded root.  The pulp is white and consistent.   Maturity: in 50-60 days or when white root with purple top reaching 5" diameter.  This is an outstanding all-purpose variety turnip. The round purplish top turnip can reach 5 1/2: in diameter.

The young leaves can be cooked as greens, stir-fried or used in soup. The root is excellent raw, for pickling or cooking. In Japan, turnips are often carved into chrysanthemum shapes, pickled and used as a garnish.

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