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Tomato Pomodoro Red Pear Select, Franchi Special Selection

Tomato  Pomodoro  Red Pear Select, Franchi Special Selection is an Indeterminate Early 70 day tomato.  This special selection is an old Northern Italy variety.  It produces 8-18 oz oz Beefsteak type tomatoes.  This variety is pear shaped, red skin, deep red flesh with heavy ribbing.  It's a very heavy producer of excellent tasting dense tomatoes.  It's a large plant.  You can stake or cage this variety.  If staking space 18" apart.  If caging or leaving to sprawl, space 24" apart. 

Beef Tomato Red Pear Franchi: A really Italian tomato in the shape of a lightly scalloped fat pear. Cut it in half and it's all meat - very few seeds and, although juicy, not a wet tomato.. It is ideal for stuffing because of both its robustness and shape. It is an indeterminate tomato with fruits weighing about 10-18 oz and is usually always picked completely green, or just turning pink, and stored. The rules for growing a tomato are pretty much the same, whatever the variety. They'll grow in practically any soil, but prefer a rich, previously manured area if possible. You can of course grow tomatoes in growbags, which is great for a small garden or even the balcony of course grow tomatoes in growbags, which is great for a small garden or even the balcony of come with plant food in the compost, but this is used up quickly, so feed with a tomato feed in the summer after your tomato plants have developed two trusses (two sets of leaves). If growing in a growbag out in the garden, make a few cuts in the bottom of the bag so the roots can travel into the soil. Another benefit of growbags is that the compost is sterile; so if you have had problems with tomato blight or diseases in the soil, then use a growbag until your soil has been neutralized. Always start tomatoes in pots or trays protected from the frost from January to the end of May. It is always best before you sow to fumigate your greenhouse and sterilize your equipment to sterilize your soil, by the way. Don't forget to sterilize not only the containers and pots you sow into, but your tools and the canes that will support your toms. Clean the windows of your greenhouse as well, as the dirt could contain spores and disease. You can acclimatize the plants before transplanting them out once there is no more risk of frost. Most cherry varieties, or pomodorini, can be grown from hanging baskets, although if you put them at the front of the house, expect a few to be nicked. Otherwise, plant out in a growbag or, better still, in garden soil in full sun. Feed them in the summer with a proprietary tomato feed. Slugs won't eat the plants, but other creatures might, so take the necessary precautions for your garden. You might have to spray the plants against diseases like tomato blight.

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