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Spinach, Spinacio Emilia HY F.1 Baby Leaf

Spinach, Spinacio Emilia HY F.1  Baby Leaf    Early, semi erect bunches. Smooth leafed variety with intense green colorations and rounded leaves.  Resistant to downy mildew races 1-10, slow to bolt. Fast growing, for baby leaf or mature plants.  the name is pretty self explanatory - an excellent variety for eating raw and so easy to grow.  

A superb hybrid variety with highly nutritious spoon-shaped leaves and a good resistance to mildew, ensuring a longer harvest of top quality leaves. One of the simplest and fastest growing vegetables to grow at home, whether in a vegetable garden or in patio containers. The tasty, tender leaves can be eaten raw in salads when young or cooked and used as a cooked vegetable with all sort of dishes when mature.

Stagger the sowing for a staggered crop. Sow: in spring and autumn.

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