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Snapdragon Bocca di Leone, Nana Dwarf Multicolor

Snapdragon Bocca di Leone, Nana Dwarf Multicolor  La Bocca di Leone Nana creates  beautiful and fragrant white, yellow, red, orange and pink flowers able to amaze in any place where you decide to grow it, pots, rocks, borders or flower beds.  The Dwarf Snapdragon is an annual plant that reaches 12"  in height and blooms from June to August, giving in addition to beautiful colored flowers also a sweet scent . The flowers can also be cut to take indoors.

Meaning : in the language of flowers and plants, the Snapdragon symbolizes disinterest and indifference. It is not a flower to give as a gift but to keep in your garden or in your home.Prefers sunny position and lovely for cutting.  

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