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Schizanthus Multicolor Angel Wings Poor Man's Orchid

Schizanthus Multicolor Angel Wings  Poor Man's Orchid Annual plant, grows to almost 20". Various hues of purple and pink flowers with bright yellow centers.  A small group of dainty half-hardy annuals and tender perennials ( In a botanical context the tender means that the plant is sensitive to cold temperatures. A tender perennial will live year after year in warm climates but will die in a cold climate).  Schizanthus is an heirloom annual that once was grown as a winter houseplant in the cool, drafty houses of the early 1800s. Called Poor Man's Orchid, it has trusses of delicately marked petals in various shades of pink and lavender that are excellent cut flowers. This is an upright annual with fern-like foliage. There are clusters of miniature, orchid-like flowers in purple, pink, yellow or white. They will need rich, moist soil, and you should pinch the tips of young plants to encourage a bushy growth.  Some of the common names for Schizanthus include Fringe Flower, Butterfly Flower, and Poor Man's Orchid.

To get a nice bushy growth the plants should be pinched back at the tips when they reach 3", and again when they reach 5" in height.  The young plants should be supported with stakes. Water them regularly to keep the soil moist, but avoid getting water on the leaves and flowers.Ideal for borders and cutting. 

 Schizanthus pinnatus   





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