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Rosmarino, Rosemary

Rosmarino, Rosemary  Perennial.  Mediterranean Plant.  While frequently grown from cuttings, rosemary will do well grown from seed. It is slow to germinate and requires 14-21 days @ 60 or so degrees to germinate. Sow seeds in pots or flats, cover with 1/8th inch of soil mix and keep well watered until they germinate. Transplant to individual containers once they are large enough to handle easily. Set outside and space at 18-24 inches.  With protection from ice & snow, rosemary will survive at temps down to 20 degrees.  Rosemary has many uses in the kitchen, but especially good with lamb, chicken,  roasted vegetables (especially potatoes) and to flavor olive oil.  You can even use the thicker branches for skewers!!



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