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Prezzemolo Comune 2, Parsley Root

 Prezzemolo Comune 2 - Parsley Root  Parsley Root is a sweet, white-yellowish root used in soups and stews. Parsley comune is an aromatic herb with a long stem and fragrant leaves. Type of highly common variety, resistant to different temperatures. Easy to be sowed, it grows very quickly and produces a large quantity of leaves. Parsley comune plants do not require a specific soil. They do not benefit from frost or cold, but they prefer fully sunny areas. The sowing can be performed from April to late July, either in pots or in open field. Moderate watering, the plant does not die, but its growth and flowering starts again, even after the winter. Very intense production; the harvest is performed almost throughout the year. Excellent if minced or dried for meat or fish-based condiments 

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