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Pole Shelling Beans Borlotto Bean Lamon

Pole Bean, Borlotto Lamon Mid-Early Pole Shelling Bean with mottled red beans.  Also known as Cranberry bean because of its appearance.  The plant is almost 6 feet tall growing large, heavily striated reddy-pink pods containing 607 large kidney shaped, meaty beans. Excellent fresh, but will freeze or dry.  According to the Venetians, Lamon's are "THE" bean for pasta fagiolo.  This is one of the most popular shelling beans grown in Northern Italy.  

Borlotto, whose pink-stippled outer shell’s beauty makes one dream of summer days, sitting on a shaded terrace shelling them ready for a quick supper, knowing they need nothing but a quick boil and lick of olive oil; a pure fast pleasure when fresh.  Lingua di Fuoco literally translates as ‘Tongue of Fire’ a name that the children will love and on a more practical note, for children that hate all green things – these are perfect!

Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco' is a mid-early Bean, with long, inflated pod containing seven cream coloured beans with red 'splodges'.
Loved for their excellent flavour, colour and versatility, Borlotto are the most commonly used heritage bean in Italy for cooking, they are basically the Italian version of kidney beans. This duel purpose variety can be eaten young in the pod either raw or cooked, or can be shelled and used like a flageolet bean. The beans will last indefinitely once dried.

The ornamental pods look wonderful in the garden, and are stunning chopped into salads. Its gorgeous colour is almost whimsical as you break open the pods to retrieve the plump beans inside. With a creamy taste and a soft nutty consistency, it is quite the most beautiful bean in the world.

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