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Gourds Zucchetta Small Baby Boo Ornamental Squash

Gourds  Zucchetta Small Baby Boo Ornamental Gourds grown for their fascinating shapes and colors.  Annual variety which produces squashes for ornamental purposes although they are edible fresh.  Baby Boo is a creamy-white charming little pumpkin that grows to a cute palm size! About 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall. These miniature pumpkins have an attractive flattened, ribbed shape and elegant thin but strong stems. These baby white pumpkins are hardy, reliable producers. They are most popularly used for decorating in the fall and winter and the kids often love them because of their miniature size. Each plant will bare 10+ baby pumpkins on vines that easily reach up to 10 feet in length. Vines will reach a mature height of only 2 feet tall, but require plenty of space to spread. They should be cultivated in the same way as traditional pumpkins. It produces fruits which are round but slightly squashed at its poles. The skin is rough and whitish in color. Good storing properties. This fruit are an excellent addition to flower arrangement, table centerpieces and compositions.   Baby Boo produces bone-white mini pumpkins that are enjoyable to look at.  A reliably productive variety, these palm-sized fruit string on creeping vines like Halloween garlands. For pure white color, harvest prior to full maturity, because this one turns a very pale yellow when fully ripe.

Squash is one of the plants grown in the traditional Native American vegetable growing technique called the Three Sisters. The other two plants in the Three Sisters are beans and corn. Each plant had its role in this companion planting tradition. Corn served as a structure for the vining beans to grow up. Squash served as a ground cover to prevent weeds from growing. Beans provided natural fertilizer for all.





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