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Gillyflower Violaciocca Quarantina Multicolor Flower (aka Stock)

Stock  Gillyflower Violaciocca Quarantina Multicolor  Biennial plant, bushy, erect, with dark green lanceolate leaves; it produces double flowers in shades of yellow and orange, large, fragrant and in spectacular clusters.   Cheranthus cheiri

The  orange wallflower forty is a plant with a biennial life cycle that grows like a bush and can reach a maximum height of about 20" and leaves of a beautiful dark green. The flowers it produces are double and grow in clusters. They are large, bright orange in color and very fragrant.

A few weeks after sowing you will see the first results, with the first leaves starting to sprout from the ground. The first flowering will take place approximately three months after sowing.
In order to ensure a strong and luxuriant growth it is necessary to place the plant in a well-lit place, where it can be reached by direct sunlight.
In areas where winter can be less severe such as the Southern regions, the Violet flowers will be able to withstand the winter and return to bloom in spring.

For watering, on the other hand, wait for the soil to become dry because the Wallflower does not like to be watered excessively. In spring, the rains may be sufficient to satisfy the Violaciocca's need for water.

Its bright colors can be useful for chromotherapy : our body gains many benefits, in the mind and in the body. Mood improves appetite as well as blood pressure and metabolic functions.

Orange in particular is a symbol of happiness, well-being and creativity. It has an energetic action but not as exciting as red, and this can help in moments of sadness or even depression by stimulating a positive reaction and inviting to react to adversity.

Combine it with other flowers.

EXPOSURE:  The wallflower forty wants a lot of  sun and direct light .

IRRIGATION:  It is a plant that tolerates short periods of drought, but which needs a lot of regular watering, especially in the hot season. If little watered, the leaves tend to turn yellow, but turn green with the addition of water.

SOWING:  Outside, between May and September.

FLOWERING:  From  March to July.


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