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Fenugreek, Fieno Greco Seeds

Fenugreek,  Fieno Greco Seeds  Fenugreek has three culinary uses: as a herb (dried or fresh leaves), as a spice (seeds), and as a vegetable (fresh leaves, sprouts, and microgreens). Sotolon is the chemical responsible for Fenugreek's distinctive sweet smell.   Fenugreek is and annual herb from the fabaceae family. Each leaf is made up of a cluster of 3 grooved leaves on an upright stem and the white/lemon colored flowers grow at the base of the leaf axilla. The oblong seeds are harvested at full maturity by cutting the whole plant, drying and thereby separating the seed from the plant by thrashing and sieving. Use - the seeds are used in curries and pastes, bread, for flavouring meats, fish and vegetables, and in infusions and teas. Caution: fenugreek can irritate the skin with long exposure. Properties: fenugreek is a tonic, is recommended for the metabolism, aids digestion, is purifying, anti-inflammatory, anti spasmodic and an expectorant and can have some benefits in controlling diabetes. Box contains 1 x approx 900 seedsNonGMO.



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