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Cucumber, Cetriolo White Wonder

Heirloom Cucumber "White Wonder".  A White Gherkin Cucumber.  A small white gherkin, ideal for preserving . Also known as Bianco Moscatello in Italy. Early producer over a long season. This variety produces soft, creamy white cucumbers with few spines, approximately 3-4 " long.   They have a very consistent flesh, ideal for pickling and preserving.  Seems to have some resistance to wilt spread by cucumber beetles.  This variety is very interesting for its creamy white color. It produces slender , medium long fruits and has an early cycle.It is resistant to cucumber mosaic virus.  The vines are productive and the fruits are tender and wonderfully flavorful. These cucumbers also make a nice presentation when combined with green and/or brown skinned varieties.55-60 days.  Non GMO Seeds.  approximately 100 seeds.

An interesting variety to grow, kids and kids at heart, who love to grow unusual vegetable varieties, will enjoy trying these in their gardens! White Wonder Cucumbers produce white fruits. Excellent eating quality, with crisp, firm, mild flesh. Popular both for slicing and pickles! Or try them on hot Summer days, sliced up with onions in Ranch salad dressing, what a refreshing side dish! Highly productive, even in hot weather.



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