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Colza, Rapeseed “Colza” Broccoletti All’Olio

Colza, Broccoletti All'Olio.  This is a Mid-early variety producing upright, rustic plant with numerous tender leaves; similar to a broccoli rabe or rappini.  This variety has a really good production. It takes about 40/60 days to harvest. Harvest as soon as ready to eat. This brocoletti can be eaten as a Vegetable, pan fried in olive oil with a little garlic and pinch of salt.
To be sown from July to October and harvest from August to November.  
Horticultural name: Brassica napus L. (var. Napo brassica)
Approximate seeds quantity: @3000 seeds.

Rapeseed is also used as a  cover crop in the US during the winter as it prevents soil erosion, produces large amounts of biomass, suppresses weeds and can improve soil with its root system.

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