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Chicory, Cicoria Variegata Tardiva Fladige

Cicoria Variegata Tardiva Fladige. Wonderful radicchio type Cicoria.  Late. Large, round, variegated closed head. Consistent ample leaves with crunchy white ribs. Sow for Transplant August through September. Transpant Sepember through October. Direct Sow: July-August, thin August through September. Harvest Fall through Winter. Large, round voluminous, big leaves, completely edible and crunchy.  Holds up in extreme cold.  Variegated red, light green and white. Great grilled or in salads. 


A late-ripening variety of the Radicchio type, the period from mass germination to technical ripeness is 88-97 days. The head of cabbage is round, loose, weighing up to 10 lbs. The leaf is large, round, variegated.
The color intensity of the leaves increases with decreasing day length. The consistency of the leaves is crispy. Fresh heads of cabbage, spicy in taste, recommended for making salads, rich in vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the formation of red blood cells.Sowing is carried out at the end of May (earlier sowing leads to stalking).
Care consists in loosening, watering, feeding. Root crops are harvested before the onset of frost.


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