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Carrot da Forriago, Carrot Jaune Du Doubs

Carrot da Forriago, Carrot Jaune Du Doubs late variety.  75 Days. A delicious, lemon-yellow variety with an improvement in flavor compared to most yellow carrots. It was named after the Doubs River, which flows through the Jura Mountains of France and Switzerland. It is a robust, slow-growing carrot with a uniform yellow color, suitable for harvest in the fall. The shape is cylindrical with an obtuse end and is excellent for storage.  Growing Tips: Carrots require light and fluffy soil in full sun, adequate moisture but only average fertilizing. Surface sow; press in gently and provide consistent irrigation. Best in cooler weather.

Past Review:  I started these seed with a large card board box over them to keep them moist. I have never been good at getting carrots seeds to sprout in the past. But I think every seed sprouted. I was amazed! They grew really well. I loved getting to eat the thinnings. But I think the best thing about these carrots is it's taste cooked in my veggie soup. It tasted wonderful!!! Best carrot I ever ate!! Now they don't taste as good raw. But cooked they are wonderful!!!

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