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Carrot - Carota Purple Haze Ibrido F1

Carrot - Carota Purple Haze Ibrido F1    A rare carrot seed variety. Sweet, with smooth purple skin and lighter flesh. 8-10" root. Deep purple on the outside and bright orange inside, it has a lovely sweet taste especially when raw. Lightly stir-fry to retain a deeper purple color. We recommend planting Purple Haze carrot seeds after the May long weekend so it does not bolt. The roots are 10-12" long, and slender with a graceful taper. Children love the idea of purple carrots, and appreciate the sweet flavor of Purple Haze. Sow carrots in deeply cultivated soil and apply a specialty carrot fertilizer at planting time.

Purple Haze is a striking carrot with a deep purple exterior color and contrasting orange interior color. The 10 to 12" roots are smooth and taper to a point from their heavy shoulders. Its 14 to 16" tops are upright and strong. Purple Haze is not tolerant to bolting and must be planted later in the spring to avoid extreme cool conditions at a young stage. Note: Cooking dissolves the purple color.

Purple-shaded vegetables are very trendy, and Purple Haze Hybrid Carrot is a favorite. Purple have more of the carotenoid anthocyanin. Researchers are studying its ability to treat inflammation and obesity. This is a deliciously sweet flavor coupled with a bright purple skin and vibrant orange flesh. Purple Haze adds color to raw vegetable trays, salads and slaws. When cooked, the purple color tends to fade. The smooth, 8-10 in. roots are packed with vitamin A and antioxidants. When planting carrot seeds, we like to interplant with radish seeds which germinate and mature more quickly than carrots. This helps mark the rows and conserves space in the garden. 

0.2 gram packet, approximately 75-100 seeds. Approximately 400-1200 seeds per gram.  90 DAYS.

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