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Carrot, Carota Colorate (mixed colors

Carrot Colorate Mid-early.  Mixed variety with three different colored carrots in one great mix: yellow, white, and orange. Great taste and color- very eye-catching! Mid-early producer, vigorous and productive.

The carrot is considered to be one of the holy trinity of Italian cooking (onion, celery and carrot). Jaune de Doubs is a yellow carrot once used to feed livestock, but now prized for its flavor.   Try these carrots roasted with Moroccan spices or with honey. Young ones, pulled  when thinning rows, are delicious in salads or used as sticks in dips.

Taste the carrot rainbow!   Whatever their color, all carrots are filled with nutrients — so why not sample the rainbow? Taylor breaks down which nutrients create each hue:

Orange: The classic color you probably think of when you think of carrots, orange carrots are higher in beta carotene, an antioxidant pigment (the carotenoid mentioned above). Eating too many can briefly turn your skin orange.

Yellow: These also contain beta carotene and lutein, a carotenoid researchers think may protect the eyes, since antioxidants help shield cells from damage.

White: These may be devoid of color, but they’re not devoid of nutrition. Their fiber will help ease your digestion.

Annual: Sow direct in well-dug and raked ground,1cm deep, from February to July. Be careful not to crush the foliage when weeding, as the smell will attract carrot root fly. Some plant rows of onions or garlic each side of the carrots to keep off the root fly, which tunnels through the roots. Alternatively cover with light garden fleece once they are growing.

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