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Campanula, A Grandi Fiori Multicolor

Campanula, A Grandi Fiori Mix  Campanula big flower mixed.  Biennial plant with bell shaped, brightly colored flowers averaging a height of 2-3'  .  A favorite on Italian balconies. Also known as Canterbury Bells, Coventry Bells and Cup and Saucer.  This variety is perfect for cutting; and lightly scented; very elegant. A lot of colorful showy flowers in an interesting cup-and-saucer shape that appears in the summer.

This plant thrives in full sun to partial shade and moist, well-draining soil and reasonably cool temperatures. Afternoon shade or filtered sunlight is necessary for warmer regions. As a biennial, only a low-growing clump or rosette of green leaves will appear in the first year, which should be well mulched in winter. The second year, Canterbury bells flowers will form, usually in summer, atop tall, upright stems. Planting a group together will help plants support each other without staking, although in windy locations stakes may be needed. Plant 12/15 " apart. To have continuous blooms every year, allow some of the flower seed pods to mature and re-seed the flower bed.


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