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Bush Bean, Slenderette

Slenderette Bush Bean.  . So, so good! The Slenderette bean is slow to become fibrous, giving it a quality that in unmatched by any other bean. Stringless. We found it to be very prolific in our test garden. Fast maturing and small seeds when picked for fresh eating. Very straight pods that look great for market selling. European chefs agree that Slenderette Bush Bean Seeds produce an excellent, gourmet bean that is highly desirable in French cuisine. The Slenderette Bush Beans' 5 inch pods are slender, stringless and glossy, dark green in color. These bush beans are high yielders and resistant to common bean mosaic, pod mottle and curly top virus.   Excellent bean, high yields and straight pods.   Slim tasty very dark green bean. Good producer. Pick when no thicker than a pencil for best eating quality and to encourage more production.

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