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Bush Bean, Boby Bianco

Boby Bianco. Green Bush French type bean with long, productive season. 55 days.Thin, crisp and sweet taste.  These are delicious and easy to grow, and are a great choice for a small garden, suitable for growing in ornamental borders. .Just a few plants will yield a decent crop of beans.  

Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Boby Bianco’ is a dwarf French bean, producing tasty, stringless pods. As a dwarf variety, it’s ideal for growing in pots and containers. Harvest the green pods when young, or leave them on the plant to mature, producing tender, creamy haricot beans.  

Plant 1 seed 1-2 inches deep every 12 inches after soil has warmed up in rows 12 inches apart. Grow ‘Boby Bianco’ in moist but well-drained soil in full sun. Don’t plant them out until all risk of frost has passed. Protect young plants from slugs and snails.  Pick when thick as a pencil. Make small plantings every 21 days for continuous harvest.

Cook with olive oil, aioli & toasted bread crumbs. 50 gram packet, approximately 200 seeds

Our most popular bush bean. See our recipe for Green Bean Gremalata!  Delicious!



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