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Brussels Sprouts, Mezzo Nano

Brussels Sprouts, Mezzo Nano Mid-Early.  Upright plant with small outer leaves, long stock with many small compact, tender sprouts.Cavolo Bruxelles Mezzo Nano (Brussels Sprouts, half long). Open pollinated variety. A tall plant and a good producer of tasty sprouts.  Taste improves once frosted. About  110 days.  Small compact producer of tasty brussels sprouts. Transplant seedlings when approx 4"; the flavour improves once the frost kicks in. These sprouts have an extended growing season so, harvest when  small to appreciate true flavour. When the sprout appears remove base leaves to aid further development. Try finely shredded quickly stir fried in butter and cumin​These were featured on the PBS cooking program, Ciao Italia. 6 gram packet, approximately 1,620 seeds. Approximately 270 seeds per gram.

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