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Artichoke Green Globe - Imperial Star

Artichoke Green Globe - Imperial Star    Early green annual for summer harvests.  Imperial Star was bred to produce artichokes in one season as an annual, perfect for colder climates. In warm areas, zone 7 and up, treat as a perennial and leave for 6-7 years until they need to be divided. Grow as a dramatic part of an edible landscape, or in rows. Their ideal climate is a moist, coastal area.  This artichoke is for gardeners who can’t overwinter artichokes or just want to grow them as an annual. The 6–8 buds of Imperial Star are nearly spineless, up to 3–4 inches in diameter, globe-shaped, and a rich glossy green. Imperial Star has the same rich flavor as our old favorite Green Globe. Will perennialize in areas above zone 7.  Imperial Star produces nearly 3 times more Artichokes in a single season than older varieties! The sweet, mild-flavored flower buds are round and thornless, for easier harvesting. And they stay closed longer on the plant, so you don't have to pick the entire crop at once!  Harvest them at 4 1/2 inches in diameter for best flavor. Delicious and so productive in the garden!

Globe artichokes have thick, delicious, creamy hearts. Plants are hardy in zones 7 and above, and can produce for 5 years. 'Imperial Star' (Open pollinated, 85 days) is bred for annual production the first year from seed, and is the best globe artichoke for gardeners in zones 1-6

3 gram packet, about 60 seeds.    Artichoke seeds are approximately 20-25 seeds per gram.



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