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Artichoke, Carciofo Tizio Ibrido

Artichoke, Carciofo Tizio Ibrido:  Perennial, light and heat-loving vegetable plant.  Artichoke Tizio Hybrid F1 is a variety characterized by excellent uniformity and aptitude for high quality production. Early variety that produces a large number of flower heads. The shape of the flower heads are elongated and semi-globular, with medium-sized bracts of a beautiful violet color and light green streaks toward the tips. Tolerant to the formation of hair inside the flower heads in hot and dry periods.  The fruit is semi-globular halfway between violet type and Roman type. It has purple color at the base and green stripes towards the tips. Great tolerance to fuzz formation inside the head during hot seasons.

Sowing Instructions: Sow outdoors in free draining soil in mid spring when the soil has warmed up. Sow 2-3 seeds in stations 30 cm apart. Seed sown outdoors usually flowers the year after sowing.
Growing Instructions: Thin out so that there is one good plant every 12" The thinnings can be transplanted.
Aftercare Instructions: After harvesting the main head, secondary heads will appear and these too can be used.  When production is over, stump the stalk.   In cold areas, cover the plant with a mulch of straw, compost or bracken to protect it through the winter.

The artichoke is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, inulin, aromatic substances. When raw, the artichoke tastes like a walnut. Fleshy receptacles and juicy bases of scales of unripe inflorescence are used for food, from which salads are prepared. They also use boiled, baked, fried artichoke and for canning. Plants have medicinal properties, they are used to treat diabetes, hepatitis, atherosclerosis, liver and kidney diseases.



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