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Alyssum Alisso Nano Tappeto Di Neve, Dwarf

Alyssum Alisso Nano Tappeto Di Neve, Dwarf  Sweetly fragrant in early spring or summer.  Ideal for creating a white carpet of flowers.  Also called "White Carpet of Snow".  

Alyssum plants are wonderful for the front of the flower border or spilling out of containers. Starting flower seeds is a great way to have as many plants as you want! Alisso Tappeto di Neve has white fragrant flowers that can bloom all summer long. It grows to approximately 6 inches tall, and even though this flowering plant is an annual, it is a prolific re-seeder. Alyssum seeds often germinate the next spring and provide some plants for the following growing season.

A low-growing, annual ground cover that can be easily established from Alyssum seeds. Also known as Sweet Alyssum or Sweet Alison this gorgeous, compact variety forms a thick, clumping ground cover and blooms with clusters of small, honey-scented, white flowers. Alyssum blooms from spring until first frost, and in frost-free zones Alyssum blooms all year round attracting bees and butterflies.

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