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Ageratium - Agerato Nano Blu Star

Ageratium -  Agerato Nano Blu Star  Ageratum is one of the few annuals with a truly blue flower. The soft fuzzy flowers are dainty and feathery, often delightfully fragrant, and usually completely cover the plants  The dense, dark blue, starry flowers of the Burning Love Blu Star flowers can adorn your garden or patio all summer long. The low plant is easy to grow, and looks especially effective along paths and curbs.  Also known as Floss Flower, Ageratum is a beautiful annual flower that works great as a container or bedding plant.   An old favorite with its fluffy round clusters, Ageratum houstonianum is one of the few annuals to tolerate light shade. A nonstop bloomer from mid-summer to fall (Ageratum means 'long-lived' in Greek), it grows easily in shapely mounds ranging from 6-24 in.  Argeratums contain coumarin, a chemical compound that helps repel mosquitoes.

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