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Saponaria Rosa SoapWart Saponaria Ocymoides

Saponaria Rosa Soap Wart Saponaria ocymoides   Easy to grow Perennial.  4-5" x 15-18" wide.  Evergreen plant that prefers full sun, but is resistant to cold weather. Ideal for rocky paths, walls and borders. Forms compact cushions of deep pink flowers. 

This Old World wildflower is an outstanding groundcover for sun and part sun areas. It blooms in late spring with a profusion of bright pink, pollinator attracting flower clusters.  Attract Butterflies  Bee Friendly  Deer Resistant  Low Maintenance Fragrant Flower / Foliage  Good For Containers  Groundcover  Evergreen Extended Bloom Time (more than 4 weeks)   Good Rockgarden Or Alpine Plant


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