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Cyclamen, Ciclamino Gigante Di Persia (Giant of Persia)

Cyclamen  Ciclamino Gigante Di Persia. Giant of PersiaAnnual flowering plant that grows to just under a foot tall. Ideal for growing in flower pots and borders. Produces bright vibrant flowers.  

Cyclamen is one of the most popular houseplants. Sowing must be done between July and September. The cyclamen is an extraordinary and unique plant for the flowers, colors and emotions it gives us. In England there is even the Cyclamen Society, which allows not only to be very informed about the history and news of cyclamen, but also to participate in a very popular sharing of its most precious seeds. Widespread in our apartments and almost always present throughout the year thanks to the presence of numerous varieties, cyclamen is a splendid plant capable of giving a touch of color to the garden or balcony, if grown in pots. The two most popular varieties are Cyclamen persicum, Cyclamen purpurascens and Cyclamen Coum. The latter, in particular, is a variety that blooms at the end of winter and is characterized by flowers from shades of pink to magenta, to white and recognizable by the purple maccia at the base of the corollas. It is also a plant that can be easily propagated by division: it is in fact possible to divide large bulbs making sure that all the different portions have a sufficient supply of roots. The cuttings must then be placed in the ground or in pots. If you choose to proceed in this way, start watering in the two weeks following the transplant.

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