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Dahlia, A Fiori Semplici Multicolor

Dahlia, A Fiori Semplici Multicolor. Annual plant that grows to 2 feet tall. Easy to cultivate. Produces lots of different colored flowers and is ideal for flower beds and cutting.  Mixed coloured simple Dahlia’s with spectacular, vivid flowers in reds, yellows and whites with yellow stamens. Easy to grow half hardy perennial bedding plant. Produces masses of mixed colour flowers on a bushy plant. Flowers are perfumed and loved by bees and butterflies. Ideal for use in flower beds, containers and for cutting. Protect from frost. At the end of the season the small tubers may be harvested and stored for next year.   Sow March to mid Jun and flowers mid July to first frosts.

Dahlia Seeds vs. Bulbs Dahlia tubers are common. They are the fastest and most reliable way to grow big, boisterous blooms. Growing the flowers using dahlia seed vs. bulbs may take a little more time but is a great way to extend your crop of the dazzlers. Knowing how to plant dahlia seeds isn’t hard, but there are a few tips for guaranteed success and riots of colorful blooms.

Save your seed for inexpensive consistent dahlia season after season. Dahlias most accurately grow from tubers which, like bulbs, are underground storage organs containing the DNA or blueprint of the plant. Vegetative methods of propagation result in true copies of the parent plant while seeded propagation is prey to the capriciousness of nature and may result in slightly different versions of the parent. For this reason, starting dahlia seeds is not a method favored by collectors and champion breeders. You just never know what you are going to get. Dahlia flower seeds are produced in prolific amounts on the plants, but most gardeners simply protect the tubers and replant them the next year as a surefire way to keep a favored species. However, the adventurous gardener may want to save some of that seed and see what the next season brings. It might be a bloom that surpasses its parent in beauty and form.

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