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Salvia Splendida, Scarlet Beauty

Salvia Splendida, Scarlet Beauty. Annual plant, grows to 2 feet tall. Easy to grow, very decorative flowers with an intense red spike over green leaves. Prolonged flowering all summer, even in full sun. Ideal for borders and containers. 


Native to Brazil, stunning red salvia flowers form a striking accent when massed together as bedding plants or lined up in a row as edging plants. They are also popular in container gardens, where they can serve as a vertical accent. This long-time garden favorite will serve as a great addition to your yard in the summer and early fall if you follow a few simple rules about location and plant care.

Plant taxonomy classifies red salvia plants as Salvia splendens. Despite an official common name of scarlet sage, many people refer to the plants simply as red salvia. They are members of the mint family and, while technically a perennial plant, red salvia is often grown as an annual in temperate zones. 

Best planted in mid-spring once the soil has warmed to at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, red salvia will grow quickly, eventually reaching heights of 18 to 30 inches at maturity. The dark-green, heart-shaped leaves emit a fragrance that mammalian pests dislike, making them both deer and rabbit resistant.

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