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Water Cress, Crescione Nastursium Officinalis

Water Cress, Crescione Nastursium Officinalis  Fast growing, aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial. Plant to be grown in a damp, shady environment. Hollow stem float and can reach up to 24".   Use fresh as a garnish, in salads and sandwiches and to make soup.  about 2000 seeds.

Watercress (local names: rezhuha, watercress, bruncress, key watercress, water horseradish, waterworm) - Nasturtium officinale. The medicinal plant is an early-ripening vegetable culture that contains mustard essential oil, ascorbic acid, a lot of vitamin C, carotene, and a relatively large amount of iodine. Fresh young leaves have a pleasant spicy taste; they are used as a seasoning for salads, meat, vegetable and egg dishes.

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