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Strawberry, Fragola Quattro Stagioni. Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry.  Fragola Quattro Stagioni - 4 seasons.  Delicious, intense tasting aromatic small red strawberries of the European type. Not 4 seasons in the north, but maybe three seasons since they produce throughout the growing season. Set out 9-10 week-old transplants.  Does well in the garden, in rock gardens, window boxes. Does not make much in the way of runners. Sometimes you get fruit the first fall, always the second year. Approx. 600 Seeds.  0.5 gram packet


This red, Italian alpine’s name translates as 4 Season Strawberry.  Berries are red, good size for an alpine, more rounded but still with the classic alpine appearance.  Flavor is excellent as it is with most all alpine berries. The alpines still remain the most sought after as they ripen.  Mature plants get over a foot wide, are runnerless, and yield from mid-spring through the late fall.  .
Quattro is hardy in USDA zones 4-9



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