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Cucumber, Cetriolino Levina Ibrido F-1. Gherkin,

Gherkin Cucumber, Cetriolino Levina Ibrido F.1. Early, excellent cropper of small, cylindrical light green fruits. Intense in flavor with few spines. Ideal for pickling. 

Levina F1 hybrid is a pickle variety with an intense taste and therefore ideal to pickle. The pickles have small spines.  This hybrid is bitter-free and resistant to mildew, scab and mosaic virus.

Sow pickle seeds indoors from April for in 8cm pots. When it is warm enough outside, you can sow the Parisian pickle in a greenhouse or outdoors in the garden.


The Gherkin plants can be planted outside from mid-May. Gherkins should be out of the wind, preferably put them in a sheltered spot. Plant two Gherkin plants together every 50 cm. The tendrils can be fed back or pruned to keep the crop in check. Gherkins are best grown with some support, use a piece of chicken wire or run them up along cords.

Gherkins can be harvested from mid-July to mid-September. One Gherkin plant produces many fruits, up to 20 pieces. The Gherkin yield in the greenhouse is higher than the outdoor cultivation. When the Gherkin have reached a nice size, you can pick them. Picking will then produce new fruits.

2 gram pack   Approximately 60 seeds

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