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Summer Squash - Custard White Courgette, Patty Pan

Custard White Summer Squash; a white patty pan.   This is a very old heirloom zucchini. Five inch diameter, scalloped edges with fine white flesh. It has a bush habit and stays small. Heavy producer. 

This type was depicted by Europeans back to 1591, and one of the best tasting and yielding varieties still around today!  Flat fruit with scalloped edges, beautiful!

Scallop squashes are so versatile, and nutritious.  Only 16 calories per 100 g serving of cooked scallop squash.   Unlike some vegetables, scallop squash is low in carbs.  A 100 g serving provides just 3.3 g of carbs, just 7 percent of the amount of carbs a 100 g potato.

If you want to increase your fiber intake without dramatically increasing your calorie intake, scallop squash can be a good choice. Each 100 g serving provides 2 g of fiber.   Fiber  promotes digestive health and can help stabilize blood sugar levels.  he White Scallop Squash  is a heart-healthy vegetable, packed with vitamin A, Vitamin B6,  potassium, and magnesium that offer cardio-protective effects

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