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Snapdragon, Bocca di Leone Gigante Multicolor

Snapdragon, Bocca di Leone Gigante Multicolor  Mix   Perennial plant about 30 inches tall  Mixed colors of deep reds, yellows, pinks, oranges and whites.  Sow: Mach. to May.  Flowering:  Mid June to November.  Suitable both for back borders and fresh cut flowers.   

Our family grew Snapdragons commercially for 30 years.  We called it Snapdragon, the Italians call it "Mouth of the Lion." It is a favorite of children, who love to pinch the flowers to make them open. This tall variety also makes a great cut flower. The mix contains bright and pastel colors.

Snapdragons can be planted in fall in southern or mild winter areas. In cold winter areas, start them indoors in late winter and plant out in early spring.

Approximately 7000 seeds

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