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Verbena Grandiflora Multicolor

Verbena Grandiflora Multicolor. Annual plant with serrated oval leaves.  Flowers are compact bunches of vivid colors. Ideal for borders and container growing. Grows to just over a foot tall.  "VERBENA GRANDIFLORA MIX (250 seeds) This fragrant annual does well in hot and dry conditions delivering an abundance of bright flowers in large clusters of violet, red and rose and white. Excellent for window boxes, borders, and rock gardens. A vigorous spreading plant that blooms all season long. Plant Height: 12″. Sowing: Sow in spring: February to April Sow 6 to 8 weeks before planting outdoors. Sow very finely onto the surface of pots containing moist seed compost. 

 Attracts Butterflies, Humming Birds and repels Deer!

Sow from Sep to the end of May.   Flowers from Feb to July  Horticultural name: Verbena Hybrida  Recommended for pot

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