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Mimolo, Mimulus Variegated Multicolor

Mimolo, Mimulus Variegated Multicolor.  Mimulus Luteus L Also called Monkey Flower An annual plant; loves humid soil.  Vivid flowers are great for borders.  The Mimulus spreads out from a base, sprawling its growing stems and their bright, typically yellow flowers. Mimulus plants include annuals, herbaceous varieties and those which can be considered as sub-shrub. They will ramble out in search of the sun.

Here’s our guide to the Mimulus:  The Mimulus will freely flower in the spring. Trailing varieties will turn any hanging basket into a profusion of cascading flowers. It grows in a woodland environment – for example, the deep gold blooms of the Mimulus guttatus, known as ‘the monkey flower’, can be seen beside woodland streams. Grown in a bed it will produce a mound of flowers, usually around 3' high.

Mimulus will grow best in full sun. The soil should be moist as the plants like to grow in the wet ground. Avoid high temperatures and drying out in drought periods. Plant out any time after May; or plant out in late September for over-wintering plants to flower early in the succeeding spring. Grow plants under cover until they reach 8" in height at which point they’re ready to plant out.

Mimulus are ideal for planting in containers and in fact, they thrive in a pot. Fill the container up to three-quarters full with multi-purpose compost. Carefully remove the plant from its tray or pot and place in position. Fill the container back in with soil and gently firm down. Water in generously. Always keep container plants well watered and fed. If choosing a companion plant, ensure that it will not over-shade the Mimulus as they need plenty of suns.

Mimulus Mimolo , genus of 100 species of herbaceous plants, perennial and annual, moderately rustic. In the spontaneous state, these plants grow in marshy soils, although they can also be grown in all garden soils that tend to be humid. The short-lived perennial species described are suitable for cultivation in borders, in the rock garden and near ponds and lakes. The flowers are similar to those of snapdragons.  They are planted between March and May, in the sun or in a partially shaded position, in all garden soils that are constantly humid. M. luteus is also grown in water at a depth of 6". In November the flower stems are cut and in areas with cold winter climates they are protected with plastic.  Also can be grown in pots, in front of windows or in a greenhouse. In this case they are planted in 8" pots, filled with a compost.

Mimulus luteus: plant native to a vast region ranging from Alaska to New Mexico, it is a species of various height as it can reach 60 cm or form a carpet that is only 10 cm high. the leaves are similar to M.cupreus and the flowers, yellow, with brown or crimson-brown spots, are 2.5-5 cm long and bloom from May to August. Among the many varieties we remember  Alpinus, suitable for the rock garden with stems only a few centimeters high which forms a thick carpet; Duplex with petal-like calyx flowers that look double

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