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Hollyhock, ALTHEA ROSEA, Double Mix

HollyHock Double Mix  Althea Rosea a Fiori Doppi Mix.    A perennial plant with long stem carrying long flowering double flowers. 90 days. Germinates in 7-10 days at 75 degrees Direct seeding recommended. Sow when soil temperature is above 60 (several weeks after last frost date usually). Sow a seed every few inches in rows and thin to one seedling every 10-12 inches. Deadhead to keep blooming all summer. Will grow 40-48 inches high. Prefers full sun/partial shade. Possibly originating in western Asia, hollyhock is one of the more traditional garden ornamentals, very widely grown, and with dozens of cultivars. Many of these have escaped to become naturalized all over the world, including in North America.  

Approximately 120 seeds.

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