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Calendula Doppia Fiesta Multicolor

Calendula Mix - Calendula Doppia Fiesta Multicolor. This is a very pretty mix that grows about 22-24 inches high. Frost tolerant. It is best used for cut flowers, edible flowers and to make salves. Easy to grow, and prefers full/part sun. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, space transplants 8-10 inches. If direct seeding, plant 1/4 inch deep 2 weeks before last frost date, then thin to 10".   Absolutely beautiful plants and flowers. Sometimes a bit slow to grow, but when they hit their stride it is worth the wait.

They provide long lasting displays in beds and borders throughout summer and would also make a nice cut flower.  Sow March - May.  Germination time 10-15 days. All soil type.  Height 24". Plant in full sun. Flowers June - September.  Ideal for beds, borders cottage and wildlife gardens, pots, containers and flower arranging. The flowers are edible and can be added to salads.  Also known as Pot Marigold.  Deadhead to prolong flowering.  

Approximately 325 seeds.

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