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Alyssum, Alisso Violet Queen, Dwarf

Alyssum,  Alisso Nano Violet Queen, Dwarf Alyssum plants are wonderful for the front of the flower border or spilling out of containers. Starting flower seeds is a great way to have as many plants as you want! Violet Queen Alyssum has numerous rich violet-purple, fragrant flowers that can bloom all summer long. It grows to approximately 6 inches tall, and even though this flowering plant is an annual, it is a prolific re-seeder. Alyssum seeds often germinate the next spring and provide some plants for the following growing season.

A low-growing, annual ground cover that can be easily established from Alyssum seeds. Also known as Sweet Alyssum or Sweet Alison this gorgeous, compact variety forms a thick, clumping ground cover and blooms with clusters of small, honey-scented, violet-purple flowers. Alyssum blooms from spring until first frost, and in frost-free zones Alyssum blooms all year round attracting bees and butterflies.

Alyssum Violet Queen grows and spreads rapidly producing an excellent ground cover in no time. Alyssum is also often planted in borders, rock gardens, between paving stones, in containers, pots, and window boxes and flourishes in full sun or partial shade and tolerates some drought and heat..

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