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Watermelon, Asahi Miyako Ibrido F-1

Watermelon, Asahi Miyako Ibrido F-1    I know, a Japanese melon in at Italian Seed site!   Must be good This it is one of the sweetest and best melons we have grown. These seeds are hard to get and very expensive as they are hybrid seeds.  An early hybrid also suitable for tunnel forcing with fruits weighing an average of 10 lbs with crunchy pulp and high sugar content. Plant with limited development and reduced water demand. Very Sweet, great texture.  The fruit is spherical of a light green color with dark streaks, the pulp is very sugary and of an intense red color.

75-85 days depending on your climate. Melons run 7-10 pounds.  About 20 seeds per pack. Approximately 15-20 seeds per gram.

Weight (grams):