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Radish, Ravanelli Colorati

Radish, Ravanelli Colorati. A mixed variety of round, red, yellow, white and purple radishes.  Great taste and a funtime in the garden!  Taste & color for salad!

OIftentimes radishes all mature at once. This is a great mix for having a variety of radishes all from one planting that are ready over several weeks. One fun idea is to plant with carrots with this radish mix. It makes the carrots easier to find. Use 1/4 radish to 3/4 carrot seed. This is a great blend of colors and types. There are French Breakfast, purples, whites, yellows. Plant in spring and fall. They don't take long.  Excellent flavor.  With consistent watering they grow large quickly.  Not woody.  A must have!

25-35 days. 15 gram packet. Approximately 90-140 seeds per gram.



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