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Larkspur -Speronella Annual Delphinium Multicolor

Larkspur -Speronella  Annual Delphinium grows about 3 feet tall with numerous flowers which cover the upper part of the stem for about 12 inches.  Ideal for cutting and borders  

Larkspur, also called Annual Delphinium, is one of the first annuals to bloom in spring. It brings a stately presence to the flower garden with 4-foot-tall columns of flowers, and it is a superb cut flower. Larkspur is much stronger than perennial delphinium and it offers lovely shades of blue, pink and coral that are hard to find at that time of year. It also is an excellent choice for dried flowers -- just hang the fully open stems upside down to dry.

In the southern half of the United States, larkspur can be direct seeded in early fall; seeds will germinate and plants may form rosettes that might appear to be winter killed, but they will revive and start growing when the weather moderates in early spring.  

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